The terms paraphrasing and summarizing regularly confuse college students of English. This is not surprising since the two mean very comparable matters with only a slight distinction. First off, what are paraphrasing and summarizing?

Paraphrasing and summarizing are both essential ai paraphrasing writing tools. They are each techniques of incorporating different writers’ works or thoughts into your writing the usage of your very own words. Although a author ought to continually use his/her very own ideas while writing, from time to time it will become vital to use other writers’ mind and concepts. This may be due to one or more of the subsequent reasons:

o To offer aid to your own ideas
o To supply motives of why you agree or disagree with some thing
o To give depth for your writing
o To discuss with some thing that caused your thoughts
o To give a factor of view which isn’t the same as yours

These equal reasons for paraphrasing and summarizing are the motive of the confusion among the two. So what’s the difference then?

Paraphrasing is re-writing some other writer’s words or thoughts for your very own words with out changing the that means. The paraphrase is ready the same period as the unique since the cause is to rephrase without leaving out whatever, and not to shorten. Summarizing, however, is setting down the main ideas of a person else’s paintings in your own phrases. A summary is always shorter than the unique for the reason that concept is to consist of most effective the main points of the original work and to leave out the irrelevant. A precis is usually approximately one-0.33 the size of the unique.

Now whilst have to you paraphrase and whilst should you summarize?

Paraphrase whilst:

o You want to use every other author’s phrases without plagiarizing
o You want to apply some other author’s words without using rates
o The ideas of the other writer are more critical than his/her style
o You suppose that the phrases of the other creator are too tough for your readers

o You need to become aware of best the main thoughts of the author
o You need to provide a top level view of the topic (from numerous sources)
o You want to simplify a complex argument
o You need to condense the problem to suit your requirement

How to Use Quotes, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing in Your Writing