When it comes to anime, most people, especially young people, are very excited, they really like anime. But for some people, they don’t know what the anime, well, let’s talk about anime together.

Anime is an item that shorts for animation, it comes from Asian countries, Japan. Together with anime, there are other items that are very popular, manga. Many people cannot distinguish the differences between anime and manga and they think these two items are the same, the fact is two different items. Anime can be a direct video, you might have seen several previous anime films. Anime can be withdrawn by hand and also by a computer. At first, the anime was popular among Japanese people, but now โดจิน a program that is preferred throughout the world.

Different from anime, manga is about pictures, you might have read some manga books and in some western countries, people call the book manga as a comic book. Most of the manga stories are separated in episodes and they will be served in Manga magazines. There are two general versions of manga, one is black and white magna and the other is colorful manga. Some people prefer to read black and white manga because they think it’s very comfortable when reading, but there are still some people who like colorful manga because different colors can make them interested.

Well, these two items also cause other phenomena, cosplay. Cosplay is now a fashionable trend among young people, many students like to cosplay their favorite characters and these characters mostly form anime and manga. Maybe you will watch free cosplay shows when you walk on the road.

Anime and manga carry cosplay on